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  1. The full text of the papers should not be longer than 10 pages, including figures and tables.
  2. An electronic copy sent by e-mail should be submitted to the e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. All papers sent before the deadline and fulfilling the requirements about the scientific field and typescript formation will be published after being positively reviewed by the international committee.
  4. The full text of the typescript formation requirements will be sent to the authors in an attached.doc file, on receipt of the application form.
  5. Each author can participate with a maximum of two papers, either alone or as a co-author. The publication ethics for the papers are available on the conference site:
  6. The presentation of a paper is 10 minutes. The necessary technical equipment is available on request.
  7. Working languages: English, Russian and Bulgarian.
  8. The participation fee is 150 EUR. Payment of the registration fee in cash in Sozopol is accepted only in BGL.
  9. The accommodation charges will be given in the second announcement.
  10. One copy of the Conference Proceedings is provided for each presented.


Dear Conference participants, please prepare your papers for publication in accordance with the following Guidelines. The papers must be submitted in a format ready for printing.

General. The papers for the Conferences should be written in one of the official languages (Bulgarian, Russian or English). The text of the article should be prepared in A5 format. Page margins should be the following: left, right, top – 15 mm, bottom – 20 mm. The size of the paper should be up to 10 pages including the diagrams, photos, tables etc. The pages should not be numbered. The reports should be sent as attachment .doc files on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. File extension .doc.

Structure of the Paper. A paper should include the following parts: heading, the authors’ names and surnames, the name and address of the institution they work for, country, e-mail address, abstract, keywords, introduction (the object and goal of research, the methods applied, the review of literature and its analysis, etc.), the main text, conclusions, list of references.

The layout

  1. The title of the paper. It should be typed in Bulgarian (Russian) and English, beginning in the language in which the paper is typed. If the text of the paper is in Russian, the title should be typed in Russian and in English. The titles should be printed in capital letters of 12 pt Bold type and centred. There should be a Single line interval between the heading and the author’s name.
  2. The names and surnames of the author or co-authors – only in English. They should be printed in small letters of 11 pt Bold type and centred. Below the author’s surname, the name of the institution (represented by the author or co-authors), should be printed in 10 pt Italic, the country (in English), the author’s e-mail should be written and centred. The information for each new author has to be written as a new paragraph.
  3. Abstract and keywords – only in English. They should be printed at a Single interval of 9 pt type and should be written after the institution, the country and e-mail address. They should be aligned left. The words Abstract and Keywords are printed in Bold. The size of the abstract should be 600–800 typographic signs (7-9 lines). There should be an interval of one line between the abstract and keywords. The keywords should include 5 - 6 items separated by a comma. After the word Abstract there should be a full stop and after the word Keywords there should be a semi-colon.
  4. Introduction, main text and conclusions should be written in Times New Roman 10 pt with a Single-space interval between the lines. The text alignment is Justify. The last page of the paper should be no less than 70% full.
  5. Formulas and other symbols should be written in Equation Editor 3 Italic 10 pt type, the indexes in 7 pt, sub-indexes in 6 pt. Matrices should be written in square brackets, vectors in Bold-Regular 10 pt type. All the numerals, including index numbers, should be presented in Regular type. Formulas should be centred. They should be numbered in Arabic numerals in round brackets and aligned right. Between a formula and text there should be an interval of one line.
  6. Figures and tables should be put in the place where they are mentioned, and they should be centred. They should be numbered consecutively and the numbers of figures are shown below them. The numbers of the tables and inscriptions should be over them (for instance, Fig. 1, Table 1). Inscriptions should be written in 9 pt of Regular type. Figures and tables should be separated from the text by one-line interval.
  7. The headings of the introduction, chapters and sub-chapters should be printed in small letters in 10 pt Bold-Regular type and aligned left. The introduction, headings of chapters and conclusions should be numbered with an Arabic numeral and the sub-chapters with two Arabic numerals separated by a point. The titles of chapters and sub-chapters should be separated from the text above by one-line interval.
  8. References should be listed according to the order of citation in square brackets. The list of references should be given after the conclusions. The word References should be spelled in small letters of 10 pt Bold-Regular type on the left side and the list of references in 9 pt according to the following patterns:
          1.  VASILIAUSKAS, A., Strategic Management, V., 2013, 235 p.
          2.  SCHULTZ, D., Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy. 
              Facts on File, Inc., 2012, 526 p. 
          3.  Administration of Public Sector Institutions, V., 2012, 292 p. 
          4.  CALLAHAN, K., L. BROOKS, Essentials of Strategic Project Management, 
              John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2013, 209 p.  

Abstract Example

Note: Papers that do not follow the present Guidelines will not be included in the Conference Proceedings.

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